Create a Personal Masterpiece of Your Own Design: At Home Painting Kit by Eat Drink Paint

Create On Your Own Terms

Welcome to Personal Masterpiece by Eat Drink Paint

The Personal Masterpiece principle was created by Edward Williams as a way to introduce "fun art therapy" through painting. Personal Masterpiece simply means you're always free to explore you artistic creativity at the highest level without the fear of "messing up". Our philosophy is that everyone can be an artist, because everyone can create their very own Personal Masterpiece!

The Personal Masterpiece Painting Kit is designed to provide the novice painter with all the basic tools to create a beautiful painting, and explore their artistic creativity in vibrant colors and themes.  

Check out what's included in each kit: (Quantities vary based upon Kit Options)

  • Metal Adjustable Table Easel- holds canvas up to 24"
  • 2 ounce Acrylic Paint Bottle Colors (Bright Blue, Red, Bright Yellow, Green, Black, White))
  • 6 Well Plastic Palette
  • 6 Piece Nylon Brush Set (Various sizes)
  • 11" x 14" Professional Quality Stretched Canvas
  • Disposable Aprons
  • Food & Beverage Options available through Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash

Once you've ordered your Personal Masterpiece Painting Kit you'll be all set to watch a live broadcast of Paint with Color featuring Edward Williams where you can follow along and create a beautiful Personal Masterpiece painting of your own artistic design. 

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About Paint with Color featuring Edward Williams

Paint With Color is an online painting show featuring artist Edward Williams. Viewers can tune in weekly via social media (YouTube and Facebook) for live broadcasts of the show, and follow along as Edward guides step by step in the creation of a beautiful Personal Masterpiece painting. Watch live broadcasts on Facebook and learn more about Paint with Color at

The Un-Artist

Throughout my life I've never considered myself an artist, as much as a creative individual with an affinity for all things artsy. For me, painting is cathartic and represents my "creative therapy.

Curator of Color

Painting is a mechanism to express my passion and love for art while connecting with people across the world. I love creating vibrant and colorful works of art with landscape and urban themes.

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