EDP Partner Program

Rewarding Partnerships

Eat Drink Paint was created for "fun" but designed on "purpose", and that's why we developed the EDP Partner Program. If you're an aspiring artist, social entrepreneur, emerging small business, community oriented non-profit, or major corporation; Eat Drink Paint has a rewarding partnership opportunity suited just for you. 

Engage: Connect with Valuable Customers Through Event Sponsorship

Venue Partners

Bar Louie

Eat Drink Paint at Bar Louie (Newport on the Levee, Oakley Station, The Greene) offers a casual social entertainment experience that includes food, drinks, painting and amazing atmosphere. 

GameWorks at the Levee

Eat Drink Paint at GameWorks offers a fun- filled mixed entertainment experience that includes food, drinks, painting, and complimentary game play. 

JACK Cincinnati Casino

Eat Drink Paint at JACK Cincinnati Casino: Food, Drinks, Social Painting and Casino Games

Eat Drink Paint at JACK Cincinnati Casino offers a FUNky social entertainment experience that includes food, drinks, painting, and casino gaming.

MOD Pizza

Eat Drink Paint at MOD Pizza: Great Pizza, Drinks, Social Painting and FUN

Eat Drink Paint at MOD Pizza (Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington, Louisville) offers an upbeat social entertainment experience that includes great pizza, craft beer, FUNky painting, and cool atmosphere.

PRVLGD Lounge & Sushi Bar

Eat Drink Paint at PRVLGD: Sushi, Wine, Social Painting and FUN at the Chillest Lounge in Cincinnati

Eat Drink Paint at PRVLGD Lounge & Sushi Bar offers a chilled out and relaxed lounge atmosphere that includes sushi, wine, painting, and good music.


Eat Drink Paint... Instruct!

Professional Painting Instructors are vital to the success of each Eat Drink Paint event. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) will be to create an engaging and fun painting experience, while setting everyone at ease, and expertly guiding each guest in the creation of their very own Personal Masterpiece.


Eat Drink Paint Drive Revenue: Incentives for Corporations and Small Businesses

Eat Drink Paint... Drive Revenue!

EDP Incentives was created to help organizations, and non-profits create secondary revenue streams, increase customer loyalty and employee recognition, and build community engagement through partnership with Eat Drink Paint. Designed with simplicity in mind, the program is easy to implement, administer and manage, and provides several key benefits:   

  • creates an additional income stream through event ticket sales
  • increases customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention  
  • attracts and engages new customers  
  • develops brand ambassadors  
  • boosts employee morale  
  • drives referrals and much more


Eat Drink Paint... Raise Funds!

Eat Drink Paint supports our local community through purposeful fundraising opportunities for non-profits, certified 501(c)3 organizations, and social enterprises. Eat Drink Paint Raise Funds is designed to help participating organizations raise funds and awareness through Eat Drink Paint events; from which a large portion of the profits are donated directly to the organization. 

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We love to develop meaningful partnerships so please drop us a note or reach us directly at the number listed below. 

WillWay Enterprises LTD

4010 Paddock Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229, United States

888.537.1117 x777