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Whether it's a holiday, birthday, bachelorette, engagement, family gathering, or corporate team building event- Eat Drink Paint does private paint night events better than the rest! 

Food, Drinks, Painting and FUN

Eat Drink Paint provides private group paint night events for individuals and organizations that blend food, drinks, painting and fun- all for one low price. 

Eat Drink Paint private group paint night events won't put a strain on your budget either because our model is simple, affordable and fun. When you run the numbers, Eat Drink Paint stands above the rest because we provide an all-inclusive private event experience which means you pay one low price for everything. 

Here's what's typically included in a private group event powered by Eat Drink Paint: 

  • Food, drinks, music, and special amenities
  • Expert painting instruction, supplies, and hosting staff
  • Private party room or open space for up to 3 hours

Got Questions...

Contact us to power your private group event with Eat Drink Paint and click the button below to learn more about our Corporate Group Events. 

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Are you ready to Party Like a PaintSTAR... 

Well, your party is always better when powered by Eat Drink Paint. 

Holiday, birthday, bachelorette party, corporate team building, family gathering, or just girls night out... Makes no nevermind.

Assemble your peeps- It's Time to Party Like PaintSTARS!

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